Madera Coalition for Community Justice

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TEAM Collaborative

Madera Child Development Centers

Food Share Project

Madera Youth Leaders

Rose Foundation - Smart Growth grant

Fresno Regional Foundation - Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant

Our Mission:

The primary objective and purpose for the Madera Coalition for Community Justice (MCCJ) is to Educate and assist low income residents in the city of Madera. The Madera Coalition for Community Justice works together with the residents of Madera to obtain appropriate and sufficient food, clothing, health care, education, employment opportunities, and other fundamental needs

 Brief History:

 MCCJ is a selfhelp community based organization which grew in response to the lack of affordable housing for Madera's low income population. MCCJ began in 1992 and continues today as a voice of Madera's minority, farm workers, and low income community.


TEAM (Telecommunication Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages) is a program with more than 30 organizations in California provide education and assistance to consumers in their primary languages. TEAM is funded by the California Public Utilities Commission. The project provides outreach to communities throughout California to inform them available services; educational workshops in various languages to provide information about how to avoid telephone fraud and better understand telecommunications services; and complaint resolution services to assist consumers with solving billing and telephone issues with their phone services. Madera Coalition for Community Justice is working with TEAM to help the people in Madera Community with any of their phone issues.

The program is a state funded program directed at low-income families, including those who are monolingual Spanish or Mixteco. It offers Montessori style educational methods to better prepare children to succeed in the public schools and in life. 1205 Sonora St. Madera, CA

Madera Coalition members receive a bag of groceries every Friday from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Members may also receive a bag of clothing donated by the community once a month. Food is donated by local farmers and businesses; the rest is purchased with membership contribution. The distribution takes place at: Trinity Lutheran Church 1125 North Lake Street

Founded in 2001, Madera Youth Leaders (MYL) promotes youth leadership and civic participation in high school and college students though youth led research, planning and advocacy.


This grant program was created to advocate for responsible urban growth in Madera County through adherence to California land use laws and Madera County General Plan policies, to promote compliance with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act, pertaining to the southeastern portion of Madera County. (This Target Area is bounded by State Route 99, on the North by SR 145 and on the East and South by the Millerton Reservoir and the San Joaquin River).

The goal of this opportunity is to connect people to land use planning and local politics by building a powerful and dynamic campaign in diverse and underserved communities in Madera County. The overarching goal is to ensure comprehensive planning that integrates Smart Growth principals when facing the threat of urban sprawl.

Learn more about the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment:

The goal of this project is to develop a cadre of youth leaders who will initiate an air quality campaign in Madera. A group of high school students who are members of MYL will be recruited to participate in the “Are You Aw(Air)” project. These team members will: become knowledgeable about air quality issues in the central valley by attending public hearings, creating a presentation to community groups, recruit 2 local schools to adopt the American Lung Association’s Flag Program, and partner with other groups in Madera to build greater public awareness and support of advocacy efforts.


The Fresno Regional Foundation (FRF) awarded MCCJ with a grant for Teen Pregnancy Prevention. The overarching goals of our grant funding are to engage and provide services to youth in Madera County residing in "teen pregnancy hot spots" with accurate comprehensive and unbiased sex education so that they understand reproductive health issues, make informed decisions about their own reproductive health, and are knowledgeable of the various community resources, and to educate parents regarding teen sexuality and pregnancy prevention so they can play more constructive and positive roles in the lives of their children.

A secondary goal of this project is to use this initiative as a springboard for MCCJ to ramp up its capacity to address the issue of a teen pregnancy in a more holistic way and to tie this project with the organization's ongoing youth and parent leadership development and advocacy activities. In that connection, it is the first step in building a self-sustaining project that continues to enhance the skills and culture competency of staff, and promote youth and parent community involvement and increase their knowledge of local resources.